Bristol Toyota "Real" No Money Down Lease FAQs

Q. What other fees are associated with the lease, but not included in your advertised payments?

A. All the fees already included in our No Money Down Lease! So, the advertised payment you see is what you'll really pay. That's why we call it a "Real" No Money Down Lease.

Q. Will I need to make a down payment? If so, how much do you require?

A. No, you will not need to make a down payment with one of our Real No Money Down Leases. This is precisely why we call them "No Money Down" leases. We do, however, offer alternative lease payments for those who would like to make a down payment to lower the already low lease payment.

Q. Other dealers are advertising "NO DOWN PAYMENT" leases. What's the difference?

A. There is a big difference! They don't require you to have a down payment, but they also leave all their "hidden fees" out of the advertised price. You will be required to pay additional exorbitant dealer and bank fees, sales tax, registration & title fees, etc., in some cases totaling $1,500 or more in hidden fees! Our Real No Money Down Leases mean that you don't have to come up with any money (other than your first month's payment)...PERIOD!

Q. Am I responsible for sales tax or is that included as well?

A. Since sales tax varies by state, we cannot include it in our advertised price. Once you select your vehicle and the Real No Money Down Lease you want, we will calculate the applicable sales tax, if any.

Q. I drive quite a bit and am worried that I might exceed the miles of a lease. What do you suggest?

A. Our No Money Down Leases always include a generous 12,000 miles per year. This provides you a total of 36,000 miles of driving for 36 months which matches the 3-year, 36,000 mile factory warranty period. A majority of our customers find that 36,000 miles is more than sufficient for their driving needs. If you do need more than 36,000 miles over 3 years, do let us know and we'll happily tailor a lease package to your mileage needs!

Q. Is the car advertised in your lease special still available?

A. Our Real No Money Down Leases apply to multiple vehicles in our inventory for any given model, not just one specific car, so we don't reference an exact car in our lease specials. So, you'll always have the opportunity to pick the exact vehicle you like best. If we don't happen to have the exact one you want, we'll find it for you at no additional charge!

Q. What is ToyotaCare and am I eligible for it if I lease? 

A. ToyotaCare is a 2-year/25,000 mile no cost maintenance plan with 24-hour roadside assistance that comes with every new Toyota vehicle. Toyota is the first full-line manufacturer to offer such a program. And yes, leased vehicles are eligible for ToyotaCare and is always offered with every Real No Money Down Lease!

Q. Why do you offer both 36 and 24 month leases as part of your lease specials?

A. Each month, Bristol Toyota determines the best lease offers available for our customers. Depending on Toyota's lease incentives, which change every month, a 24 or 36 month term may provide you the best and lowest monthly payment. If you would like to see the lease payments for a different term length for any of our Real No Money Down Lease vehicles, or for any other Toyota model for that matter, please contact one of our sale associates!

Q. What sort of credit score is required to lease from Bristol Toyota?

A. Our No Money Down Leases are calculated based on a Tier 1+ credit rating from Toyota Financial Services. If you aren't sure whether or not you qualify for such a rating, you are welcome to complete our online credit application and we will let you know! If you believe your credit score is not Tier 1+, don't worry! Please let us know and we'll be happy to work with you to find a lease that works for you based on your credit situation. Thanks to an experienced Financial Services Team here at Bristol Toyota, we're able to offer attractive lease (and purchase) options for a wide range of credit scores.

"This was my best car-buying experience I can remember! I was especially impressed with the attitude and friendliness of the staff.  Bristol Toyota made my wife and I feel like family."
Heath from Portsmouth, RI

"This was my best car-buying experience I can remember! I was especially impressed with the attitude and friendliness of the staff.  Bristol Toyota made my wife and I feel like family."
Heath from Portsmouth, RI

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