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Why You Should Buy a Used Vehicle in Swansea MA!

Reasons to Buy Used Models at Bristol Toyota in Swansea MA!

There are many reasons to get your hands on a used vehicle, benefits that set them apart from new models and make them the better choice. What are some of these benefits? Do they include more than the price? Continue reading below to see why you should buy a used model in Swansea MA!

Lower Costs and Payments

Let’s get the obvious benefit out of the way, a used vehicle purchased at Bristol Toyota will be cheaper than a new one. Used models bought in Swansea, MA are cheaper out of the gate and have lower premiums for their insurance, meaning you save money in the long term. They also don’t suffer as much depreciation after buying, which can’t be said from a new model which loses up to 40% of its value in the first few years.

More Selections and Options

A used model can also have more personalization than a new one. They might not have the ability to customize paint colors, trim levels, and other options, but a used model bought in Swansea, MA will have a variety of production lines available for you. This includes styles and lines that are not available anymore or have been discontinued.

2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime driving on a road
2021 Toyota Tacoma driving on sand

Potentially Greater Warranty Coverage

Many of the used vehicles that are available at Bristol Toyota have warranties, either still falling under their manufacturer’s warranty or an extended one. This is because a factory warranty typically covers five years, and a leased model is returned within three. That, plus Certified-Used-Models having their own extended warranties, give you great coverage!

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Overall, a used model purchased in Swansea, MA will give you a ton of benefits compared to a new one. To learn more about used models and what it offers you, or to take a model for a test drive, contact our agents today!