What to Look For When Test Driving a Vehicle?

Things to Keep an Eye Out for When Test Driving

If you’re looking to get a new or used vehicle in Swansea, MA, our agents at Bristol Toyota have a few suggestions for you when you’re taking a test drive! These are things you should look out for when you’re driving, or just idling, your prospective model. They range from engine noises to radio and AC unit issues, so cover a wide range of categories. Continue reading below to find out more!

Start and Idle the Vehicle for Several Minutes

The first thing you should do, obviously, is start the vehicle and let it idle. While it’s doing that, walk the exterior and take note of anything that looks out of the ordinary. Scratches, dents, etc. Then, make note of the engine sounds. Is it rattling, clicking, or whining? After you’ve inspected that, sit inside and test the radio, the heater, and the AC systems. You want to make sure that everything works as intended and nothing stands out – if they do, let the dealership know.

2021 Toyota RAV4 interior dash and wheel
2021 Toyota Prius Prime rear camera view

Take it For a Street Drive

After you’ve idled the model and looked it over, we recommend that you bring it to the streets. We recommend one that has a few stop-and-go lights, or semi-heavy traffic. You want to get a feel for the braking system – is it loose? Does the vehicle come to a complete stop? Next, take some turns. 90-degree ones are the best, as you can really get a feel for the steering. If the model has resistance or pulling when you’re turning, that’s a bad sign – it should be effortless and smooth.

Bring it to the Highway

Finally, we recommend taking your prospective vehicle to the highway to get a full test of its driving. You want to see how the engine’s gear transition feels – if it’s smooth and quick – and that the engine doesn’t appear to be hesitating. You also want to test lane changes, alignment, and that the wheel does pull to one side or another.

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These are just some of what we recommend you keep an eye out for when test driving a new or used model. If all of these things appear to be fine, and you don’t notice any issues, then you’re good to go! If you’re not confident in your own ability to diagnose, consider having a professional look the vehicle over. Contact our agents today to learn more, or to set up a test drive today!