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Top 3 cafés in Swansea, MA

What are the top 3 cafés in Swansea, MA?

Looking for a place to kick back and enjoy a delicious meal? Bristol Toyota brings to you answers to the question of what the top 3 cafés in Swansea, MA are. Continue reading to find out about the best cafés in Swansea, MA.


Located at 2219 Gar Hwy Route 6, Swansea, MA, this café is known for its appetizers and varied choices of tea. With charming staff and an elegant atmosphere, Tickle’s is the place to be for a scrumptious lunch. Head out to Tickle’s for a wonderful afternoon with friends and family.

Cafés serve coffee and delicious desserts on their menu


Known for its coffees, Starbucks located at 579 Gar Hwy, Swansea, MA, is a welcome sight for the early morning officegoers and for those looking for a quiet moment. The café closes at 9 PM and has very friendly staff available at your service. Moreover, the store is right next to a pizza shop so you can meet both your beverage and food needs in the same location.

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Located at 207 Swansea Mall Dr, Swansea, MA, Vicki’s offers Chinese and Asian cuisine options alongside a wheelchair-accessible entrance. This café takes payment only in cash and are well acclaimed for their signature dishes especially the lo mien and fried rice. The café is styled with a fall river in mind and also serves the popular “Bone-in” spare ribs which is quite the delicacy when paired with the hot mustard sauce or the duck sauce. The owner Vicki also recommends the Crab Rangoon to those who are first-timers to the café. Head out to Vicki’s for a delightful food journey at budget-friendly prices.

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